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RenDx RUO KitboxGastroenteritis represents a major cause of ward closure, both in Europe and the United States, impacting heavily on healthcare budgets and patient recovery times. The speed of transmission following an outbreak is rapid so early detection. allowing quick patient isolation, is key to minimising the spread of infection.

Renishaw Diagnostics will offer two assays that will detect the most common causative agents of bacterial and viral gastroenteritis respectively, providing maximum flexibility when choosing the appropriate assay for your lab. The assays will detect nucleic acid extracted directly from samples of faeces, using standard extraction methods.


Gastroplex Bacterial AssayGastroplex Viral Assay         
CampylobacterNorovirus G1
ETECNorovirus G2
C. difficile A/BAdenovirus

For research use only. Not for diagnostic procedures.

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