RenDx Fungiplex Assay

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RenDx RUO KitboxInvasive fungal disease (IFD) has emerged as a growing threat to human health. In particular, medical advances in the management of cancer patients and hematopoietic stem cell and organ transplantation, in addition to immune compromising conditions such as AIDS, have created a population at risk from invasive fungal disease.

The RenDx Fungiplex panel allows the detection of the causative agents of IFD for clinical research. The assay covers the most commonly occuring pathogens and detects nucleic acid extracted directly from samples of whole blood, plasma or serum, using standard DNA extraction methods.


Candida         Aspergillus       
Candida spp.*Aspergillus spp.*
          C. albicans          A. fumigatus
          C. parapsilosis          A. flavus
          C. tropicalis          A. niger
          C. guilliermondiiA. terreus*   
          C. lusitaniae 
          C. dubliniensis 
C. krusei*       
C. glabrata*      

* reported

For research use only. Not for diagnostic purposes.

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