RenDx® RUO Multiplex assay system

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Using patented technology, based on surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering (SERRS), Renishaw Diagnostics has developed the RenDx® Multiplex Assay System, providing automated, multiplex, high throughput in vitro screening for clinical research into infectious disease. Based on a multiplex PCR approach, the system offers several advantages over traditional screening methods.


  • Qualitative multiplex detection
  • Up to 92 samples per run
  • Sample to result within hours
  • Open access technology


Renishaw Diagnostics has developed the RenDx Fungiplex assay to detect the most common causative agents of invasive fungal disease. In addition, our team are developing further assays that will aid in the detection of the most common bacterial and viral pathogens associated with gastroenteritis and infection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  RenDx RUO Kitbox

 Area of clinical research
RenDx FungiplexInvasive fungal disease
RenDx GastroplexGastroenteritis
RenDx CSFPlexCSF infection (meningitis / encephalitis)



SP-1000 Stand AloneSA-1000 Stand Alone
RenDx SP-1000 sample processorRenDx SA-1000 sample analyser

The RenDx SP-1000 robotic sample processor is a purpose-built system for use with all RenDx assays. Its touch screen interface provides simple set up, and user free operation ensures that the assays are carried out quickly and reproducibly. For more information click here.

The RenDx SA-1000 analyser is purpose-built with an integrated software package allowing rapid identification of a variety of biological targets. The analyser contains a precision stage that accomodates a 96-well detection plate and produces a report in around 30 min. For more information click here.

For research use only. Not for diagnostic purposes.



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